Today I’d like to discuss the difference between buying what you need and buying what you want in a home.

The easiest way to determine your home needs is to take a quick assessment of the space you’re already living in. This will help you realize what you’ve been missing, and what you may need in your next home. Make a list of your needs and ask your agent to begin shopping based on those needs.

“Today we’re living in our homes for longer than we used to.”

On average, Americans live in a house for about nine years. Interestingly, that number has increased by three years from just a decade ago when the average time was six years. This means that we’re staying in our homes for just a bit longer than we used to.

Remember, you can always trade up a few times before you find the ultimate home, but you don’t want to end up “house poor” either. Be sure that you don’t overextend yourself.

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