Today we’re discussing HOA’s, what they are and what are the benefits of them in San Antonio.

HOA stands for Homeowners Association. This is typically a governing set of rules and regulations for a housing community. Its primary purpose is to keep the community looking nice, thereby preserving and protecting your property value.

They would also be responsible for maintaining any common areas, walking trails, pools, playgrounds, etc. for enjoyment of the residents of the community. They can also make sure the residents keep their yards maintained and their home’s exterior looking good.

“The primary purpose is to keep the community looking nice.”

Most all HOA’s have a fee associated with them, as well as a governing set of documents you’ll want to read before buying in that neighborhood to ensure you’ll be ok with restrictions. For example, many HOA’s don’t allow RV’s or boats to be parked outside, so check for little things like that.

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